Hi, I”m Mena Harman–wife to an amazing husband, and mommy to my little boy Warren.

I was born and raised in East Tennessee and am married my college sweetheart. Some of my favorite things are sweet tea, summertime, the beach, and college football (go Vols!). I’d like to think I’m a creative person; I took up brush lettering as a hobby when we moved and am working to turn it into a career, although it’s not been an easy task with a newborn.

I started blogging about my experiences as an outlet for the wide range of emotions that I felt as a new mother. When Warren was born, my husband and I had just recently moved to a brand new city away from both of our families. I was also transitioning from a successful professional career into my new role as a stay at home mom. Writing became a way for me to process all of the intense changes going on in my life, and I hope my experiences will help others who are in a similar place in their lives.

Thank you for following me!